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Individual Music Therapy

  • One-to-one Registered Music Therapist to Client

  • The individual and the music therapist work together using musical interventions to achieve an individual’s non-musical goals. 

  • Individual sessions include: initial assessment, formulation of an individualised treatment plan, session documentation, and evaluations. 

Music Therapy Telehealth

  • Music In Mind’s telehealth services are provided on a secure online platform to allow people to access services from the comfort of your home and without the barrier of distance. 

  • Telehealth services are available across Central Western NSW.

Community Music and Partnerships

  • These unique programs are developed in collaboration with the host organisation and facilitated by a Registered Music therapist to enhance development and/or support the clients using music and/or music therapy.

  • These unique music programs are ideal for but not limited to schools, daycares, group homes and community organisations. 

  • Contact Music In Mind for additional information and to ascertain if Community Music Therapy is a good fit for your program or project.

  • Organisations wishing to book group sessions or ongoing programs may do so via the booking form: 

Group Music Therapy

  • Group sessions provide clients with the opportunity to reach their goals in a safe and social environment. 

  • Groups are designed with musical interventions to achieve participants’ common goals and interests.

  • Therapeutic techniques and creative musical interventions are used to bring positive change to the social, communicative, physical, and cognitive health of each participant.

  • Ideal for Long Term Care Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Day Programs and/or Inpatient settings. 

  • To book, please contact us or complete the organisation booking form:

Adapted Music Lessons

  • One-to-one Registered Music Therapist to Client

  • Personalised music curriculum and pacing to suit individuals of all ages and complex needs. A person-centred approach that targets musical growth, while acknowledging and working with an individual's needs. 

  • Music notation and musical instruments may be modified to meet the learning style and needs of each individual.

  • Adapted lessons offered for violin, viola, piano, voice and guitar.

  • Adapted lessons are an approachable and fun way to learn a new musical skill

  • An initial assessment consultation by a registered music therapist is recommended to determine whether music lessons are most beneficial for the client at the current time, or if music therapy might be more appropriate to begin with. 

  • Music lessons are conducted in 10-week blocks. 

  • To enrol for music lessons, please complete the referral form. 

Funding and Payment Options

Funding and Payment Options

Our music therapy services are available to all people across the lifespan to assist with a variety of social, physical, emotional, social, medical and neurological conditions that they believe will benefit from music therapy. Many of our clients use NDIS funding to pay for their services. You can also self-fund for services.


Plan or self-managed NDIS participants can access our services.

We are not able to provide support to agency-managed participants at present.

Our services come under

“Capacity building: Improved Daily Living” funding streams under the following items:

  • Therapy Supports (Over 9yrs) - Music Therapist: 15_615_0128_1_3

  • Early Childhood Intervention Supports (9 yrs or under) - Other therapy: 15_005_0118_1_3

  • Our fees are in line with the current NDIS price guide and are reviewed twice yearly. 

  • We charge fees for services that cover your face to face session, some of the non-contact planning and clinical note taking time, any travel required, any reports needed for NDIS reviews, and support team meetings as required.

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