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Individual Music Therapy
  • One-to-one Registered Music Therapist to Client

  • The individual and the music therapist work together using musical interventions to achieve an individual’s non-musical goals. 

  • Individual sessions include: initial assessment, formulation of an individualised treatment plan, session documentation, and evaluations. 

Music Therapy Telehealth

  • Music In Mind’s telehealth services are provided on a secure online platform to allow people to access services from the comfort of your home and without the barrier of distance. 

  • Telehealth services are available across Central Western NSW.

Group Music Therapy

  • Group sessions provide clients with the opportunity to reach their goals in a safe and social environment. 

  • Groups are designed with musical interventions to achieve participants’ common goals and interests.

  • Therapeutic techniques and creative musical interventions are used to bring positive change to the social, communicative, physical, and cognitive health of each participant.

  • Ideal for Long Term Care Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Day Programs and/or Inpatient settings. 

Community Music and Partnerships
  • These unique programs are developed in collaboration with the host organisation and facilitated by a Registered Music therapist to enhance development and/or support the clients using music and/or music therapy.

  • These unique music programs are ideal for but not limited to schools, daycares, group homes and community organisations. 

  • Contact Music In Mind for additional information and to ascertain if Community Music Therapy is a good fit for your program or project.

Adapted Music Lessons

  • One-to-one Registered Music Therapist to Client

  • Personalised music curriculum and pacing to suit individuals of all ages and complex needs. A person-centred approach that targets musical growth, while acknowledging and working with an individual's needs. 

  • Music notation and musical instruments may be modified to meet the learning style and needs of each individual.

  • Adapted lessons offered for violin, viola, piano, voice, and guitar.

  • Adapted lessons are an approachable and fun way to learn a new musical skill

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