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Emily Thorburn

Hi, I'm Emily. I have experience working with families, adults with disabilities, mental health and substance use, trauma, aged care and in the community, both in individual and group settings. I'm a lifelong musician with a keen interest in wellbeing and I feel pstrongly that music can be a powerful tool through which to promote good health. My practice ais based around supporting each individual to reach their own goals through developing a strong relationship and using the pwer of music to support wellbeing.  Emily believes strongly in the power of music to connect, enrich and improve health, wellbeing and functioning. She uses the piano, guitar, violin, percussion instruments and voice to engage her clients within sessions. In her work, Emily focuses on supporting her clients to grow and achieve their own individual goals through developing an empathetic and authentic human relationship and tailoring musical experiences to meet each person's specific needs. She is passionate about highlighting each person's strengths and values in her approach to encourage confidence, enjoyment, and progress in her sessions. 

Emily's passion for music therapy was driven by the desire to use her musical skills to help others in a meaningful way. Her musical experience, combined with her experience working in psychology and mental health, made music therapy a natural fit. Her studies in music therapy have trained her to harness the properties of music purposefully to support her clients to achieve their own individual goals. Emily feels strongly that music is a powerful tool that is accessible for every one, regardless of musical skill, physical or cognitive ability or age. 


Emily is a lifelong musician, having played the violin since the age of 4 and also learning piano and viola. She has over 20 years experience teaching and playing professionally as a soloist, orchestral musician, in bands and small ensembles.

Outside of work hours, Emily and her physiotherapist husband and young children love to spend time outdoors, gardening and cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen. Emily loves living in beautiful country New South Wales, and enjoying the many wonderful artistic and foodie offerings in her home town of Orange. 

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