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Initial Inquiry & Onboarding Process


1. Onboarding Flow Chart

The flow chart below highlights our inquiry and onboarding process. See below for more details about each step.



Step 1: Referral/Initial Consultation (Admin ONLY)

  • The referral form is completed by the client or caregiver

  • The referral form may be completed by one of our therapists over the phone (if client is unable to complete the form)



Step 2: Preparation & Onboarding (Admin ONLY)

  • The client will be booked in with us

  • Admin will organise a service agreement to be signed

  • The client will be sent a welcome pack and confirmation of start date



Step 3: Initial Assessment (RMT ONLY)

  • The RMT will complete an initial assessment over three sessions

  • The RMT may choose to use these sessions as 70% music and 30% discussion with the caregiver if needed

  • The RMT will have access to the client's NDIS plan, referral form. and other allied health reports before commencing sessions



Step 4: Analysis and Interpretation (RMT ONLY)

  • After the three sessions, the RMT will have one week to finalise the assessment



Step 5: Documentation and Communication (RMT ONLY)

  • The client should be provided with the full assessment report before their next session via email.

    • During this week you should make contact with one of your client's allied health teams (e.g speech therapist, OT etc)

    • During this week you should send your proposed goals to the client/caregiver and ask for input/feedback (this should be a collaborative process)



Step 6: Music Therapy Program (RMT ONLY - Ongoing)

  • The RMT will deliver a music therapy program that is goal driven and reviewed regularly



Step 7: Progress and Evaluation

  • The RMT will write a progress report when requested.

  • It is the RMT's responsibility to communicate with their caseload leading up to the clients NDIS expiry date (1-month prior) to ask if they need a progress report for their review.

    • Full Progress Report - $387.97


Procedure version and revision information

This procedure was authorised by Emily Thorburn on 5th February 2024, and was originally issued on 5th February 2024.


This procedure was revised and authorised by Emily Thorburn on (insert date)

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